Blockchain technology does not rely on

additional third-party management or hardware facilities.

No central control, except for self-contained The integrated blockchain itself,

each node realizes information self-verification, delivery and management.


The blockchain is open to everyone except that the private

information of the parties to the transaction is encrypted.

Anyone can query blockchain data and develop related applications through a public interface,

so the entire system information is highly transparent.


As long as you can't control 51% of all data nodes,

you can't manipulate and modify network data.

This makes the blockchain itself relatively safe and avoids subjective human data changes.

What is a blockchain?

The so-called blockchain technology, referred to as BT (Blockchain technology), is also known as distributed ledger technology. It is an Internet database technology, which is characterized by decentralization, transparency and transparency, so that everyone can participate in database records.

Blockchain is a distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, etc. Innovative application mode of machine technology in the Internet age, in recent years, the development and application of blockchain, technological innovation and industrial revolution Life has a very important meaning

A blockchain is a distributed ledger that can contain financial and/or non-financial transactions, through peer-to-peer networks in near real time. Copying (distributing) on multiple systems, each participant "owns" the same ledger copy and when adding any transaction Getting an update makes it easy to detect someone trying to change it.

Blockchain development

Blockchain 1.0 Era: The digital currency application represented by Bitcoin. Its scenarios include monetary functions such as payment and circulation, which mainly solve the decentralization of money and payment methods.
Blockchain 2.0 Era: The combination of digital currency and smart contracts to optimize the broader scenarios and processes in the financial sector.
Blockchain 3.0 Era: Entering the MKT blockchain domain to provide better solutions for distributed payment systems in peer-to-peer networks

MKT blockchain introduction

MKT is a new global digital pass based on block chain technology created by Meimei Ecology International Community. Its main role is to build the consumer ecosphere of the United States and the United States. It is committed to achieving digital assets, transparency and openness of the global consumer industry, and to optimize the allocation of market elements through block chain technology and application. To provide every participant and builder in the world with a safe, borderless new way of life.

Actively promote the development of MKT blockchain

MKT uses public-chain technology, and any individual or group can send a transaction, and the transaction can obtain the official confirmation of the MKT official, and anyone can participate in the consensus process. The public blockchain is the earliest blockchain and is currently the most widely used blockchain. The virtual digital currency of each major digital currency series is based on the public blockchain. There are only one zone corresponding to this currency in the world. Blockchain.

MKT blockchain technology application

In Polkadot's view, other blockchains are parallel chains, and Polkadot is a relay-chain. Technology can transfer tokens in the original chain (such as MKT tokens) into the original chain address like multi-signature control. The line is temporarily locked, and the result of the transaction on the trunk chain will be voted by these signers to determine whether it will take effect.

Payment system solution

MKT is a distributed payment system solution based on peer-to-peer networks. Its data uses distributed storage, logical structure Is a chain structure consisting of information blocks with "chronological forward-proof" characteristics, each of which is over a period of time. The set of transactions is stamped with a time stamp. From a trust perspective, MKT is actually a mathematical solution to the problem of trust. Things.


区块链技术能够解决跨链交易、 支付、金融的问题,因此,MKT 与数字货币、支付、金融业务的融合具有天然基础。

Blockchain technology

MKT (Mei Mei TOken), referred to as MKT, is a token issued by the MKT Foundation to solve the distributed payment system of peer-to-peer networks. MKT originally issued 1 billion tokens.

  • MKT POS mechanism

    POS is a "share certificate", Proof of stake, which directly proves your share

  • MKT mission

    Provide users with simple, secure and efficient blockchain services.

  • MKT positioning

    Be the most professional blockchain solution in the world.

  • Security

    Mobile security, real-name authentication, offline MKT wallet, server balancing and backup, ensuring users and funds are safe and secure.

  • Technical strength

    Top technical team, team with many years of blockchain R&D experience, strong technical strength

  • Customer first

    Online customer service, providing users with real-time, fast and efficient services, enabling users to trade unimpeded

MKT technical solution

Option One:

POS is a "property certificate", Proof of stake, which directly proves your share. In addition to the hybrid PPC In addition, the real POS currency is not mined, that is, the equity certificate is written in the creation zone, and the subsequent equity The certificate can only be transferred and cannot be mined.

Option two:

The new mechanism of POS is "interest", that is, holding a certain POS currency for a certain period of time, of course, you have to open the client and get one. Quantitative fixed "interest". This part of the "interest" is the new POS currency. As long as you hold the POS and turn it on, you can Get a certain percentage of "interest"

third solution:

The security of POW is constantly accumulating (smart attackers will only choose to attack recent output) Blocks), while POS attackers can easily launch hundreds of block attacks (low cost).

MKT blockchain biggest innovation

MKT uses its own combustion mechanism: in order to obtain a new currency, it must “burn down” some of the currency, destroy, Or burning cryptocurrency is a very basic means in the world of blockchains, by burning some of the currency, the rest The value of some of the currency has increased because the circulation of most cryptocurrencies is limited.

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